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We’re a top rated local Porsche repair services shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area, including Newark, Union City, Milpitas and Sunol. As an owner of a Porsche, you must stay up-to-date on your car servicing schedule. And having a renowned and professional car repair and maintenance service near you can make your life a lot easier. At Fremont Foreign Auto, we offer the most efficient and affordable car repair services. We cater to cars of all types, especially luxury cars such as Porsche. If you wish to have your Porsche looking brand new at all times, then Fremont Foreign Auto is the place to head on over to. We offer car repair and maintenance services throughout the week. Let’s have a look at some of the top models of the decade that Fremont Foreign Auto provides repair and maintenance services for:


$99.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change

STARTING AT $99.99. Motor oil and the parts needed for your oil change vary in price from vehicle to vehicle. Please call for an exact price quote for your vehicle make and model. Our technicians are trained to service just about every make and model vehicle, from engine repair to oil changes.

$180.00 Engine Light Diagnostic

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with just about every vehicle make and model. If your check engine light is on, you can bring it to our shop and we’ll diagnose what’s wrong with it. Any authorized diagnostic will be applied toward the cost of your repair, a $180.00 value.


The Porsche 911 Carrera now comes with a new body. However, it is still as classy and luxurious as the previous model. If you own this vehicle, then head on over to us for a quick service and free inspection for any damage.

911 GT3 RS

This is the latest Porsche car that has taken the market by storm. It has a more unique structure and can produce horsepower of up to 550 hp. Now, this is something that is surely on the want list for many sports car lovers. And, what’s even better is that we offer car repair and maintenance for this model as well.


It may take time to learn how to word it right, but that is exactly what makes this car worth it. This model comes in different trims and is the most fuel-efficient SUV introduced by Porsche. Thus, it requires due diligence and care when it comes to engine oil replacement. For this, we are your trusted partner. Head on over to have the oil changed in minutes! Read more…


If it is a hybrid car by Porsche, then it is truly worth the investment. This car offers a horsepower of 1000 hp and can speed up from 0 to 60mph in half the time! This high-power engine requires the utmost care. And that is why we are the premier service provider that can handle this car well.


This convertible can turn heads wherever it goes. It offers the best of both worlds with its modern and updated features combined with the classic shape. The performance of this car is magical. And to help you get the maximum thrill and adventure from this car, we offer the most premier car repair and maintenance services for the Speedster in town.