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We’re a top rated local Hyundai repair services shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area, including Newark, Union City, Milpitas and Sunol.

Hyundai is an automotive brand consistently voted to have the most fuel-efficient, dependable, and affordable vehicles on the market. Despite their low prices, Hyundai vehicles can last a long time with the right care and maintenance.
As a simple car with cost-effective operation, Hyundai vehicles are perfect for first-time car owners and young professionals. You don’t have to break the bank when trouble arises or it’s time for an oil change. Our automotive technicians will get you in and out in no time and without assaulting your wallet either.
Here are a few Hyundai vehicle models that we can service for you today.


$99.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change

STARTING AT $99.99. Motor oil and the parts needed for your oil change vary in price from vehicle to vehicle. Please call for an exact price quote for your vehicle make and model. Our technicians are trained to service just about every make and model vehicle, from engine repair to oil changes.

$190.00 Engine Light Diagnostic

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with just about every vehicle make and model. If your check engine light is on, you can bring it to our shop and we’ll diagnose what’s wrong with it. Any authorized diagnostic will be applied toward the cost of your repair, a $190.00 value.


The Hyundai Accent is a general model that is perfect for just getting from point A to point B. While the vehicle lacks a lot of bells and whistles other models have, it’s generally easy to drive and not difficult to maintain control. Issues that are commonly reported for the Accent range from faulty airbags to transmission failure. Regardless of the issue, our auto technicians can get you back in order in no time. Read more…


The Elantra was recently redesigned to expand the interior to give more space to the driver and passengers. The vehicle has a quick acceleration and has great fuel economy too. Despite this, there are some issues Elantra owners commonly face. These issues may range from sensor failures to problems with the transmission and engine. With our skilled techs, you don’t need to worry about sitting with these problems. Our skilled mechanics can remedy the issue and get you on your way. Read more…


The Hyundai Kona is a subcompact SUV that uses a 2 liter engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The steering with this SUV is precise and makes sharp turns very easily. While the Kona is a great vehicle for maneuverability, it also has its fair share of problems. Common issues with this SUV range from faulty electrical configuration to faulty airbags. If you’re facing these problems with your Hyundai Kona, bring it to us today.


The Santa Fe boasts a 191 horse power engine and a separate hybrid version that allows for a 1.6 liter turbo engine. With its roomy interior and additional cargo space, this is an excellent car for travel. However, with travel comes plenty of wear and tear and is also susceptible to sensor failures. When it’s time to tune up your Santa Fe, bring your Hyundai to us today. Read more…


The Tucson has been redesigned multiple times with improvements added on each time. This vehicle typically offers a firm driving experience without falling off balance or becoming unsteady. The most common issue among Tucson vehicle owners is the inability to accelerate after a certain time. We can help with that, but you need to bring your Tucson into the shop. Read more…