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We’re a top rated local Dodge repair services shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area, including Newark, Union City, Milpitas and Sunol. Dodge owners in the Fremont, California area rejoice! Here at Fremont Foreign Auto, we are experts in giving your Dodge the care and repair that it needs. It is very important to get repairs taken care of on your vehicle as soon as possible, and our efficient mechanics and technicians will have your Dodge Challenger, Durango, Charger, or any of the Dodge models listed below back on the road ASAP!
Dodge is a great, durable vehicle brand with a loyal customer base. Folks who like their Dodge vehicles do not want to give them up. We understand that! Even though Dodge vehicles are built to last, they still need repairs and maintenance now and then. Get in touch with us to set up a time to bring your Dodge into Fremont Foreign Auto so we can get you back on the open road


$99.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change

STARTING AT $99.99.  Motor oil and the parts needed for your oil change vary in price from vehicle to vehicle.  Please call for an exact price quote for your vehicle make and model.  Our technicians are trained to service just about every make and model vehicle, from engine repair to oil changes.

$160.00 Engine Light Diagnostic

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with just about every vehicle make and model.  If your check engine light is on, you can bring it to our shop and we’ll diagnose what’s wrong with it.  Any authorized diagnostic will be applied toward the cost of your repair, a $160.00 value.


The Dodge Challenger is a great car with a powerful motor and great reliability. When compared to other two-door coupes, the Dodge Challenger stands ahead of the pack. Its unique and classic body along with its sleek and modern interior make it a car for the ages, a car that no one would want to give up. For repairs and maintenance to Dodge Challengers, visit us at Fremont Foreign Auto to get everything taken care of!


The Dodge Charger is another iconic vehicle manufactured by Dodge. It has a long history, from being a show car in 1964 to become the sleek and cool car that it is today. The body of the Dodge Charger has a notable shape that anyone could recognize. It has a crazy amount of speed and is one of the most powerful sedans that is manufactured en masse around the world. For any repairs and maintenance on Dodge Chargers, bring them into our auto shop and let us help get your Charger ready to rock and roll again.


The Dodge Durango is known for being a three-row SUV that still has class and style despite its size. The Dodge Durango has been produced since 1998 and was based on the Dakota pick-up, which was mid-sized. Since then, the Dodge Durango has based its body on the unibody platform-style seen on cars like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Dodge Durangos are considered to be highly reliable, with fewer recalls than other vehicles in its class and overall, ranking higher on reliability by customers. If your Dodge Durango needs fixing, bring it over to Fremont Foreign Auto!


The Dodge Grand Caravans are a model minivan that has stood on its level for years. It has a hugely reliable customer base and is a reliable vehicle as well. People who own Dodge Grand Caravans are devoted to their Grand Caravans. It is a cheap and simple vehicle and cuts away the luxury that some other vehicles have that adds cost. While many may think that means it is not a good vehicle, it is just a simple one. For maintenance and repairs on Dodge Grand Caravans, swing by Fremont Foreign Auto today!


The Dodge Journey is another cheaper SUV that is perfect for people looking for a cheaper vehicle that is still reliable. While it does not have fancy technologies like Apple CarPlay, it is perfect for people who occasionally need the third row, need a bit of storage space, and are perfectly content without all the frills, bells, and whistles that other SUVs have. For affordable maintenance and repairs, bring your Dodge Journey to Fremont Foreign Auto!