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Modern Technology Cars in Fair Show
Modern Technology Cars in Fair Show

$99.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change

STARTING AT $99.99.  Motor oil and the parts needed for your oil change vary in price from vehicle to vehicle.  Please call for an exact price quote for your vehicle make and model.  Our technicians are trained to service just about every make and model vehicle, from engine repair to oil changes.

$160.00 Engine Light Diagnostic

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with just about every vehicle make and model.  If your check engine light is on, you can bring it to our shop and we’ll diagnose what’s wrong with it.  Any authorized diagnostic will be applied toward the cost of your repair, a $169.99 value.

Why Choose Us

Fremont Foreign Auto shop is a trustworthy partner for all kinds of repairs. Your personal auto safety is assured when your car is on the road running smoothly. That’s why we don’t merely provide comprehensive consultation, but we also perform important safety checks for you.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology, and we always stay up to date with new developments in our profession.  Personal customer care, fair and transparent pricing, as well as high quality in our work are of the greatest importance to us. We gladly provide you with advice at any time, and we do our best to ensure your comfort and safety on the road.

Top Rated Auto Repair Shop

We are headquartered in Fremont, California, but we service the greater East Bay Area.  If you are located in Fremont or work here, stop on by and we can help get your car back on the road fast, or provide a quote for you to compare against other local shops.  If you’re in one of the surrounding communities of Fremont like Newark, Union City, Hayward, Milpitas or Sunol, you might consider getting your car serviced here at Fremont Foreign Auto.  Our customers come from near and far for some of the best auto repair services in the entire East Bay Area.

24 Months / 24K Miles Warranty

Our shop is immaculate and very customer friendly. We will even provide photos of the work we perform and the parts we remove to help you understand what was done to your car, and why. All work is backed by a (24 months/24,000 miles) warranty on parts and labor.

We are Diamond Certified

Fremont Foreign Auto is Diamond Certified. Very few companies in the industry pass the rigorous rating procedures to receive this certification. The Diamond Certification is bestowed upon auto shops which have superior service reviews from their own customers. At Fremont Foreign Auto, you can be assured that you will receive the same quality work which was recognized with the Diamond Certification.

Our Philosophy

All of our employees approach doing business as if this company was their own. No matter who you are dealing with, you will get the same quality of service. We reward our employees for jobs well done, and that benefits the customer as well. Nobody likes it when their car breaks down. But, if it has to happen, we will make you glad that you brought it to Fremont Foreign Auto!

We offer the exclusive
Bosch Service credit card.

Apply today for great benefits!

Some of the Vehicles We Service


BMW cars are a class apart; this is known to all. Topped with the most powerful engines, BMW vehicles can help you cut back on time and reach your desired destination within minutes. This is what Fremont Foreign Auto seeks to maintain via the latest tools of inspection and repair. Computer diagnostics and full factory maintenance are available at our auto repair shop.


The thrill and adventure from a Mercedes-Benz are unmatched. And, what makes this thrill even more exhilarating is having a professional auto repair shop at your service at all times. At Fremont Foreign Auto, our technicians provide technical assistance for all Mercedes-Benz cars with dedication, determination, and proficiency.


This German luxury brand is known for its solid performance. From the stylish interior to the sleek exterior, there is nothing about Audi cars that can be disliked. And this is why keeping it in top shape is important; it adds to the charm and pleasure of owning an Audi. Fremont Foreign Auto repairs and maintains all Audi models under the sun, so all you have to do is schedule an appointment right away.


What makes a Volkswagen stand out is not just its performance but it has the most proficient features and infotainment systems. Having a Volkswagen by your side can make your life a whole lot easier. And to make sure it stays this way, staying up-to-date with maintenance and repair is important. Choose Fremont Foreign Auto as your trusted partner for this job, and you will not regret it.


If you are a proud owner of a Porsche, then you must be quite hesitant when it comes to leaving your car at any auto repair shop. A Porsche requires professional technicians and computer diagnostics to get it repaired optimally. This is what you are sure to find at Fremont Foreign Auto. We have a 24-hour acceptance that you can benefit from whenever required.


Lexus offers some of the ideal dream cars in the market today. However, these cars require technical assistance and certified care to stay durable and fuel-efficient. An all-around and full service for such cars can therefore be found at Fremont Foreign Auto. Head on over to get started today!


Having speed, agility, and performance tantamount to a cheetah is what makes this vehicle top the charts. However, the way a Ferrari is built is quite intricate. Complexities may arise when this vehicle is not handled with the care it needs. But at Fremont Foreign Auto, you need not worry. We have the right knowledge, awareness, and skills needed to repair any Ferrari that drives into our garage.


Fremont Foreign Auto has had a cordial relationship with Toyota cars for decades. Having a Toyota car in our garage is a day of merriment. This is because our technicians are well-versed in all aspects of a Toyota car. They can uncover the source of concern with just one glance. And, the repair is sure to be done within the same day as well.


The classic car you practically grew up in can never go out of style. These cars are reliable, fuel-efficient, and low on maintenance. This is a given only if you have a trusted and professional auto repair service provider at your assistance. In Fremont, no one does it better than Fremont Foreign Auto. Our technicians love to get their hands on Honda cars. It’s something that brings them as much excitement and joy as it does to you.


Designed to absorb shocks, tow heavy weights, and stick by your side no matter what, this durable vehicle makes a worthwhile investment. It may be sturdy, but there are times when it may require some love and care. Fremont Foreign Auto has all the remedies, tools, and equipment needed to help your Land Rover get back on track in no time.