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Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) Failure

The EBCM unit controls anti-lock braking (ABS) and traction control. When it fails, these systems will be inoperative. The symptoms of this failure are ABS and traction control warning lights and Service Active Handling, Service Traction Control, and Service ABS fault warnings. The car will drive without ABS or traction control, but without the level of safety, these systems provide. When we confirm this failure, we will replace the failed unit.

Loose Seats

The drive gear that gives you fore and aft adjustment uses quick-to-wear bushings. When these bushings succumb, the seat moves independently when you accelerate or brake. The seat frame is also poorly made. When the seat frame breaks, the seat rocks in concert with the car’s motion. In both these cases, we will replace the broken parts to give you the comfort you want.

Locked Up Steering Column

Chevrolet had a problem that needed solving; Corvettes were car thieves’ favorites. As an anti-theft measure, the central computer called a Body Control Module (BCM) in GM products must recognize your key, then send a message to a Column Lock Motor which unlocks the steering column. If (when) that mechanism goes haywire, you have an undrivable Corvette. If your steering wheel will not unlock and the dash displays a “Service Steering Column Lock” message, you have this malfunction. We can proactively replace the troubled part, or you can wait for the day when you need a tow truck to get your pride and joy to us.

Electrical Problems

Like any modern car, the C5 Corvette mechanisms are overwhelmingly electric. We find the usual difficulties, such as burned-out bulbs making the instrument panel unreadable. Often a component that appears to be inoperative needs only to have corrosion cleaned from its grounding wire. Batteries can leak acid, causing problems with nearby parts. Bad HVAC actuators can cause airflow to be misrouted. We have expert automotive electric technicians to trace the cause of your ‘Vette’s problems and get you back on the road.

Slipping Clutch

C5 Corvette clutch replacements are often deferred because the labor cost for this job is sizeable. When the C5 generation was designed, Chevy engineers moved the transmission to the rear along with the differential to improve handling. To access the clutch, which is still behind the engine, we remove the torque tube that connects the engine to the transaxle, the rear suspension, the entire exhaust system, and the transaxle. While we have access, we recommend the clutch master cylinder and related components also be replaced. This is not a job you want to redo soon.

Whatever your Corvette’s needs, we have seen them and solved them. Call us or visit our website for an appointment for a consultation regarding your car.