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The purpose of your car is to go, but without the ability to stop, your car becomes an instrument of destruction. At Fremont Foreign Auto, our experienced technicians are on standby to repair your brake system and get you safely back on the road.

If you want to keep your Honda Insight, Passport, or Accord driving safely, read on for five signs your car’s brakes need attention.

  1. New sounds while braking

If you hear a grinding, screeching, or squealing sound when you press the brake pedal, it’s probably time to call your mechanic. Brake pads have a wear indicator that contacts the brake disc when the pads are too worn. The sounds are incredibly hard to miss and are a primary warning that service is imminent.

By the time the squealing turns to grinding, your problem has escalated. Grinding sounds while breaking mean your brake pads have worn away, and your calipers are scraping the rotor. Not only is this unsafe for you and everyone else on the road, but it is also likely damaging your rotors.

  1. Vibrations in the steering wheel and brake pedal

Under normal conditions, you won’t feel any extra vibration or shaking in your brake pedal or steering wheel while braking. If you notice this, call Fremont Foreign Auto to schedule an appointment. While there could be other causes than the brakes, if the problem happens only while braking, you likely have a warped rotor.

  1. Pulling to one side

If your Honda pulls to one side or the other when you hit the brakes, there’s a problem. While it could be a symptom of other issues, like unevenly worn tires or bad alignment, it can also mean something is wrong with your brake system.

  1. Worn brake pads

Your Honda may allow you to visually inspect the brake pads without removing the tire. If you see less than a quarter-inch of pad remaining, you need new brake pads as soon as possible.

  1. Changes in the brake pedal

No one is more familiar with how your car works than you. If you notice your brake pedal feels mushy or oversensitive, there may be a problem with your brakes. Worn brake pads or a leak in the brake lines could cause a mushy pedal requiring more effort to brake. If the slightest touch has your brakes locking up, your rotors may have worn unevenly, or your brake fluid might be contaminated.


When you need work on your Honda Insight, Passport, or Accord brakes, trust the expert technicians at Fremont Foreign Auto to get you safely back on the road. We have the tools and experience to fix any issue and the determination to do it at a fair price. Auto repairs are never fun, but we will make you glad you chose us.