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Over time, the normal wear and tear caused by regular driving of your car can take its toll on the engine and other mechanical parts in your Volkswagen. Many issues require immediate attention, such as an oil pan leak or a failing brake system. While some people may know that oil pan leaks are serious problems to be addressed, they might not know how to tell that their oil pan is leaking. In this article we cover the most common symptoms of an oil pan leak in your Volkswagen and where to take it for repair in the Sunol, California area.

Top Symptoms of an Oil Pan Leak

You Notice Dark Liquid Pooling Under Your Car

You probably already know that your car can leak various liquids from time to time, but some liquids are worse than others. If you back out your parking space or driveway and notice a dark brown puddle then you might have an oil pan leak.

Your Oil Light Comes On

If your oil light suddenly illuminates on your dash it might be an indicator that you have an oil pan leak or that there is some other problem with the oil in your car. This light is designed to let you know when the level or pressure of your oil dips below normal levels, and if it illuminates for you then you need to get this taken care of ASAP.

Your Engine Is Smoking

It can be very scary to be driving and suddenly notice dark smoke billowing from under the hood of your car. If this happens to you, safely pull your car over, exit the vehicle safely, and walk at least 50 yards away from your car. Do not attempt to open the hood yourself unless you’re a trained mechanic, and don’t sit in your car while you wait for help to arrive. A smoking engine could indicate a few different problems, and some of them are catastrophic (like a fire in the engine). For your safety, put some distance between yourself and your car while you wait for assistance.

You Smell Something Burning

If you notice a burning smell while you’re driving, it’s time to get your car checked out. An oil pan leak can cause oil to spill into your engine, which, if you’ve been driving for a while, is at a very hot temperature. When the oil hits the surface of the engine it starts to burn, producing the burning smell.

Your Engine Overheats

Oil helps your engine regulate its temperature, and an oil pan leak means there’s not enough oil to do this job correctly. This can cause your engine to overheat and even stall.

Fremont Foreign Auto is one of the top rated oil pan leak repair shops in the Sunol, California area and we are experts in repairing this and other issues on Volkswagen cars of all varieties.


The oil in your car has an important job to do, and if the oil pan is leaking there isn’t enough oil to keep things running smoothly. Look out for these common symptoms of oil pan leaks in your Volkswagen, and consider calling Fremont Foreign Auto for your oil pan leak repair service today.