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We’re a top rated local Audi E-Tron repair services shop in Fremont, CA. In addition, we service the greater East Bay Area, which includes Newark, Union City, Milpitas, and Sunol. If you are a fan of the Audi vehicle, you have probably heard of the E-Tron vehicle. The E-Tron is the first electric car produced by Audi and a close rival of the Benz EQC. It offers premium services and an exotic look for an EV car and has found its way into the heart of electrical vehicle lovers. But, the E-Tron is not without problems and maintainable issues.

Here are some of the most common problems (and repairs) we have encountered at Fremont Foreign Auto.


$99.99 Full Synthetic Oil Change

STARTING AT $99.99. Motor oil and the parts needed for your oil change vary in price from vehicle to vehicle. Please call for an exact price quote for your vehicle make and model. Our technicians are trained to service just about every make and model vehicle, from engine repair to oil changes.

$180.00 Engine Light Diagnostic

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with just about every vehicle make and model. If your check engine light is on, you can bring it to our shop and we’ll diagnose what’s wrong with it. Any authorized diagnostic will be applied toward the cost of your repair, a $180.00 value.


There have been multiple complaints about Audi E-Tron software glitches and sensor over-sensitivity. Software glitches include the MMI shortcut keys returning to default, freezing issues, connection problems, and warning lighting triggered unnecessarily. In return, Audi published more than 100 TSB addressing these issues in the E-Tron. Many drivers of the E-Tron have complained of the tailgate closing during loading and unloading because of overly sensitive sensors. This challenge meant that their trunk could open in undesirable events like washing the car or close while still in close contact, posing a hazard. These issues are most common in the E-Tron 2019 model.


The Abs and Esc are crucial in improving driver experience with the E-Tron vehicles. Anti-Lock Brake prevents the brake from locking up while giving the driver more control over the braking process. In addition, the electronic Stability System function has a torque adjustment system that helps stabilize the vehicle in braking. Failure of both software will increase the crash risk, as more effort and distance are required for braking. The cause of the triggered Abs and Esc warning light is corrosion in the brake booster. The defect led Audi to recall the 2021 E-Tron Quattro model. They have recommended brake booster replacement as a remedy.


Exposure to moisture in high voltage components can cause short circuits resulting in costly damage. Moisture can penetrate high-voltage battery systems resulting from firing casualties. Audi has emphasized the need to stop driving your vehicle if you get a warning light and a message of electric system fault. Also, stop charging your vehicle if you get the warning message, and park outside to reduce the risk of a fire outbreak. The issue of short circuit from high voltage have been reported in 2019 E-Tron models, more than 1600 units of the vehicle.


There are known issues with the E-Tron 2021 model seat belt. Its rear seat belts have been reported to deactivate suddenly, increasing the likelihood of injury in car crashes. Furthermore, these malfunctions threaten children’s safety as the locking retractor may deactivate without warning. This malfunction failed to comply with FMVS Standards and is considered high risk causing a recall in August 2021. You should check with your call dealer to make sure your vehicle qualifies for the recall and fix if your E-Tron has a seat belt malfunction.


Another problem plagues the 2021 Audi E-Tron and tampers with its safety features. The inability of the airbag to deploy adequately increases the risk of more serious injury in a car crash. The issue here is that the hinge pin of the glove box is not adequately secured and may interfere with the knee airbag deployment. It is a major issue discussed in the 2021 E-Tron recall as it affected the safety of the passengers. A proper inspection of the right side of the glove box hinge pin and subsequent fastening has been recommended to fix the issue.