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Owning a Honda Passport provides freedom to explore backroads and mountain trails with confidence thanks to its renowned reliability. However, even reliable vehicles require maintenance and repairs over time. Are you noticing any concerning symptoms in your Passport? Bring your SUV to our Fremont shop serving Union City to protect your investment and safety.

What type of driving do you use your Passport for most? How many miles have you logged? Preventative maintenance tailored to your needs keeps problems at bay.

Diagnose and Repair Transmission Failures

Transmissions connect the engine to the wheels, making smooth acceleration and cruise possible through gears and fluid. Passports from 1998-2002 often suffer slips, delays, or complete failures. Rebuilding or replacing faulty transmissions prevents getting stranded. We determine the root causes like low fluid, leaks, worn clutches, or bad solenoids. Proper diagnosis guides the best fix – flush, rebuild, or replace.

What transmission symptoms have you noticed in your Passport? Early intervention could prevent further degradation.

Restore Suspension and Handling

Shocks and struts wear out over miles driven, diminishing ride comfort and control. Rough rides, uneven tire wear, and loose steering signify needed repairs. Worn suspension components like control arms require replacement as well. Our technicians thoroughly inspect each element and replace shocks, struts, springs or bushings as needed. Proper suspension maintenance enhances safety by enabling stability, braking, and handling.

Have you inspected your Passport’s suspension and shocks lately? At what mileage do you typically replace these components?

Stop Engine Misfires

When one or more cylinders fail to fire properly, misfires occur causing rough running, poor efficiency, and stalling. Faulty spark plugs and ignition coils prevent proper combustion. Clogged fuel injectors and intake leaks also trigger misfires. Our diagnostic tools pinpoint the root cause, whether parts replacements or system repairs. Smooth performance returns through prompt attention to misfires.

Have you noticed any symptoms of engine misfires in your Passport? Schedule an inspection today to prevent further issues.

Repair Radiator Leaks

Coolant leaks indicate potentially serious radiator issues. Catching problems early prevents catastrophic overheating and resulting engine damage. Signs include coolant puddles, sweet smells, rising temperature gauges. We pressure test cooling systems to identify leak locations for accurate repairs. We’ll determine if minor leaks require resealing, or major corrosion necessitates radiator replacement. Proper cooling system operation protects the engine.

When did you last have your Passport’s cooling system inspected? Small leaks can quickly escalate without attention.

Replace Failing Fuel Pumps

Delivering adequate fuel pressure enables smooth acceleration and power. Over time, pump failures create hard starts, sputters, and power loss. The root causes – bad pumps, filters, or damaged system wiring – require prompt diagnosis. We determine if new pumps, filters, or wire repairs resolve your symptoms. Reliable fuel delivery prevents frustrations through timely diagnosis and expert troubleshooting.

Have you noticed any symptoms of fuel delivery issues in your Passport? Schedule an inspection today.

Replace Timing Belts

The critical timing belt on 1998-2002 Passports with 3.2L V6 engines needs replacement around 105,000 miles. Preventative maintenance prevents belt breakage, resulting valve and piston damage creating engine destruction and costliness. Our technicians skillfully replace your timing belt, water pump, tensioners and associated components. Staying ahead of problems through regular timing belt services protects your investment.

Do you know the service history of your Passport’s timing belt? Schedule a belt inspection today.

Repair Exhaust Leaks

Pipes and gaskets eventually rust, crack or break, allowing harmful exhaust gases to leak into cabins. Beyond loud noises and smells, carbon monoxide poses serious health risks to drivers and passengers. Inspections locate exact leak points needing repair – we replace faulty gaskets, pipes, resonators, or mufflers as needed. Comprehensive exhaust repairs restore safety and quietness.

Have you noticed any exhaust leak symptoms arising from your Passport? Schedule an inspection today.

Our technicians combine expertise with the latest diagnostic tools and genuine parts to accurately assess Passport issues. We troubleshoot transmission problems, suspension faults, engine troubles, and other common ailments these SUVs develop over miles driven. Don’t let your vehicle issues spiral. As your trusted Union City auto shop, turn to us for reliable Honda Passport repairs.

Do you have any other questions regarding common Passport problems or repairs needed for your vehicle? Our team looks forward to discussing your needs and getting you safely back on the road.