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At Fremont Foreign Auto, we know engines. As a top-rated auto repair shop serving Fremont, CA, our ASE-certified technicians have seen every common engine issue under the hood. From oil leaks and timing belt failures to cooling system leaks and ignition problems, we accurately diagnose and expertly repair all major engine components for most makes and models.

With state-of-the-art diagnostic scanners and decades of combined experience, we get to the root cause of your engine troubles quickly and recommend the most cost-effective solutions. We use only top-quality original manufacturer or aftermarket parts for guaranteed fit and function. From routine maintenance to major repairs, we help extend the life of your engine for optimal performance.

Trust our Fremont auto experts to keep you safely on the road and avoid expensive engine damage down the line. Here are the most common engine issues we see:

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks stem from multiple sources as engines age, including worn seals, gaskets, and drain plugs. Catching leaks early prevents catastrophic engine failure from low oil. Our techs thoroughly clean leak areas before replacing worn components and use dye testing to verify repairs. We service common leak points like valve covers, oil pans, engine blocks, and oil filters.

Timing Belt/Chain Failure

Like an orchestra conductor, timing belts/chains synchronize the precise timing of engine components. Failure causes bent valves, piston damage, and related issues. We recommend belt/chain replacement at 60k-100k miles depending on year/make/model. Our techs properly align timing components and ensure post-service operation meets factory specs.

Spark Plug/Ignition Problems

Faulty spark plugs and ignition components like coils resist proper combustion, reducing performance. Our techs use diagnostic computers to pinpoint misfire causes quickly, replace worn parts, and ensure your ignition system runs like new. From tune-ups to coil/plug troubleshooting, we have your ignition needs covered.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant (anti-freeze) leaks rob engines of vital cooling capabilities, leading to overheating, gasket failures, and cracked blocks/heads. We identify exact leak points like radiators, water pumps, thermostats, and hoses. After flushing contaminated coolant, we replace faulty parts and ensure your cooling system is leak-free.

Fuel System Issues

Today’s complex fuel systems have many failure points, causing hard starting, stalling, and lost MPGs. We troubleshoot faulty parts like fuel pumps, injectors, sensors, and pressure regulators. Our fuel system cleaning service uses top-grade detergents to remove deposits and restore optimal flow and pressure.

Trust Fremont Foreign Auto For All Your Engine Repair Needs

At Fremont Foreign Auto, we invest in the latest diagnostic gear and comprehensive training to accurately troubleshoot any engine issue the first time. As a complete auto repair shop, we also perform preventative maintenance and upgrades to improve reliability and extend engine life. Our technicians explain repair options clearly and stand behind their work with a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty.

For expert engine diagnosis/repair services from a true neighborhood shop, call Fremont Foreign Auto today or stop by our Fremont facility to meet our talented team. We service most makes/models and provide free quotes.