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Fremont Foreign Auto provides specialized Nissan CVT and transmission repair services to the residents of Milpitas, CA and surrounding regions. Our ASE-certified technicians hold extensive experience specifically with Nissan transmission issues spanning across the Altima, Rogue, Sentra, and Frontier model lines. Through methodical diagnostics and targeted solutions, we restore dependable operation.

CVT Failure and Replacement

Affected Models: 2013-2016 Altimas, Rogues

Nissan’s troublesome CVT transmissions face extraordinarily high failure rates, typically occurring between 60-100k miles. Warning signs manifest through symptoms like sluggish acceleration, burning odors, loud droning, hard shifting between gears, and sudden loss of motivation as belt slippage intensifies. Often the root cause stems from overheated transmission fluid that oxidizes and damages internal components like seals, steel belt bands, and bearings due to deficient cooling capacity and durability issues within Nissan’s original design.

Our repair approach explores installing upgraded external transmission coolers to reduce temperatures, followed by complete rebuilds or replacements as necessary based on internal inspections.

Coolant Intrusion and Corrosion

Affected Models: 2005-2007 Frontiers

Coolant leaks stemming from cracked radiators in early Frontier pickups unfortunately get misrouted directly into the transmission via an internal crossover passage behind the torque converter housing. Over time, the contaminated and acidic fluid corrodes valve bodies, erodes clutch packs, and damages bearings. This often necessitates extensive repairs nearing or exceeding the cost of outright replacement.

Our team performs meticulous flushing procedures to remove all traces of contaminated fluids and damaged material from oil passages before installing remanufactured or replacement transmissions carrying multi-year warranties.

Sentra Belt and Shutter Repairs

Affected Models: 2013-2016 Sentras

In recent model year Sentras, two commonly reported problems involve belt slippage throwing off accessory connections to the alternator and battery – causing charging issues plus illumination of battery warning lamps. The other complaint surrounds violent shuddering sensations at higher speeds, normally the result of aerodynamic instability worsened by missing or unseated underbody shields.

Our repair process first inspects belt tension and replaces worn components to restore proper charging function. We then methodically check for correctly installed and clipped body panels and undercovers. Any dislodged or missing pieces get repositioned or replaced to reduce driveline vibrations.

Manual Transmission Wear and Tear

Affected Models: 2007-2012 Versas

While most transmission issues surround Nissan’s infamously faulty CVT technology, the manual gearboxes also face their own reliability challenges stemming predominantly from insufficient lubrication reaching internal components at higher mileages. Symptoms typically include difficult shifting between gears, gear grind when attempting engagement, popping out of gear, and whining noises indicative of bearing wear.

Our expert technicians methodically inspect the fluid condition, replace worn shift cables and mounts, confirm proper clutch pedal operation, and verify the correct level of gear oil with the factory fill rate. Where bearings show signs of excessive wear, we disassemble the transmission, replace all degraded internals, and ensure a leak-free reseal during reassembly using fresh gaskets and seals, fundamentally restoring sound mechanical operation. This comprehensive renewal reduces the likelihood of revisiting frustrations with manual transmission problems after repairs are completed.

Milpitas drivers can depend on Fremont Foreign Auto’s expertise spanning Nissan CVT diagnosis, targeted component repairs, transmission rebuilds, replacements, and upgrades offering extended durability compared to the factory originals. Contact our shop today to discuss solutions for your Nissan’s transmission problems.