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Transmission problems can sneak up undetected, leading to safety hazards and expensive repairs. As your trusted Fremont auto shop, Fremont Foreign Auto specializes in identifying and fixing common transmission troubles. Understanding the signs now prevents headaches down the road.

Grinding Sensations When Shifting

Few sensations raise a driver’s hackles like gear grinding. This metal-on-metal vibration indicates internal transmission damage. Gears or shafts inside may be worn or chipped. Ignoring grinding leads to debris circulating and additional component failure.

Remedy: Flush intervals will determine if a flush is needed. Technicians thoroughly examine and replace damaged parts. We also recommend a transmission flush to clean out harmful particles.

Delayed Forward or Reverse Engagement

Counting long seconds before drive or reverse engage? Delayed gear engagement signals advanced transmission wear. Computer and hydraulic failures prevent smooth shifting. Prolonged hesitation accelerates internal damage.

Remedy: We reset onboard computers and replace worn valve body components. Technicians also check for low fluid levels or leaks. Prompt repairs reduce friction and restore crisp shifting.

Howling, Whining or Humming

Howling transmission noises indicate fluid breakdown and inadequate lubrication. The pump strains to circulate degraded fluid. Whining or humming points to pump failure or torque converter damage. These rising resonances are a call for help.

Remedy: Fluid flushing provides fresh lubrication, while new pumps and torque converters quiet the din. Our technicians troubleshoot noise causes for reliable remedies.

Burning Smell

Few car smells elicit fear like burning oil or transmission fluid. Heat buildup causes lubricant to break down. Internal parts then scrape together, creating debris and friction. The resulting odor signals immediate transmission damage.

Remedy: Technicians thoroughly inspect and replace overheated components. We flush contaminated fluid and cabinets to eliminate odors. Cooling system repairs may also be required.

Gears Slipping In and Out

Does your vehicle lurch or lose power while accelerating? This sensation of gears slipping correlates with computer-transmission communication failures. Internal components also wear over time, preventing solid connections.

Remedy: We quickly diagnose slipping, replacing worn parts and deteriorated fluid. Computer resets establish reliable systems communication. Regular service checks help detect early wear.

Low Fluid or Leaking

Red fluid puddles under your car indicate leaks in seals or gaskets. Low fluid levels also cause slipping and friction. Continued operation drains remaining liquid, accelerating wear until transmission failure.

Remedy: Pan and drain plug replacement solves simple leaks. For major seal damage, technicians rebuild bell housings with quality components. We also top off fluids to optimal levels.

Check Engine Light Engaged

While check engine lights indicate multiple issues, transmission trouble should not be ignored. Onboard computers even detect subtle failures. Waiting for additional symptoms leads to increased repairs.

Remedy: Upon light activation, our technicians fully test shifting, fluids and electronics. We use scan tools to read trouble codes and identify repair needs promptly.

At Fremont Foreign Auto, we appreciate the nuances of transmissions and how to keep them running smoothly for years. Our expertise in solving common problems prevents safety issues plus major repairs down the road. We invite Fremont, Menlo Park and surrounding community drivers to keep us atop their maintenance schedules. Identifying problems early is the key to reliability.