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With its throwback muscle car styling and tire-shredding HEMI engines, the modern Dodge Challenger turns heads while evoking nostalgia of the classic 1970s models. However, even these modern performance coupes experience common mechanical gremlins and faults. As a premier auto repair shop for domestic vehicles, we frequently service Challengers for issues across multiple model year generations, including:

Noisy Power Steering Systems 
A common complaint from owners of 2008-2012 Challengers is an obnoxious loud groaning, honking, or hissing emanating from the steering column during low speed parking maneuvers. The noise stems from failing power steering hoses and connections allowing air introduction into the system. Our technicians methodically inspect the power steering components, fluid condition, belt tension, pump operation, and gearbox before tracing the noise source. Replacing stretch-prone rubber return lines restores quiet steering operation.

Fueling Difficulties
Drivers of 2008-2009 Challengers often complain of difficulty fully refueling – the pump nozzle automatically clicks off just halfway through fill ups. The root issue lies with hypersensitive overfill prevention valves erroneously triggered by faulty emissions system components. Diagnostics help narrow the culprit components down before our technicians recondition tubes, canister valves, and other parts to fuel filling convenience. 

Electrical Faults from TIPM Issues
The Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) controls nearly every electrical system from engine performance to safety. But early production TIPMs clearly weren’t fully integrated or total, much to the inconvenience of owners enduring gremlins like airbag lights, no-start conditions, randomly honking horns, and inoperable power windows. Despite incremental supplier improvements, TIPM issues persist across Challenger model years, requiring expert diagnostics and solutions our shop provides.  

Lackluster A/C Performance
Few scenarios disappoint like an underperforming A/C on a hot summer day, especially in unforgiving places . The simple explanation is refrigerant gas leakage from stretched lines, cracked receiver/dryers or outright component failures. Proper diagnostics performed by our service technicians verify where boosting pressure via recharge kits falls short of addressing leaks requiring compressor, evaporator, condenser, or expansion valve replacement.

Early Alternator Failure 
The Challenger’s electrical backbone lies in a properly charging alternator, otherwise risks increase for being stranded with a dead battery. Premature alternator failure became painfully apparent on many 2011 models, evidenced by warning lights followed by pungent burning smells from failing brushes, bearings and diodes. Driven by a noisy grinding or screeching before fully dying, the alternator requires replacement to maintain proper charging performance.

From power steering noise and fueling quirks to major A/C repairs, troublesome TIPMs or charging system issues, our team of ASE-certified professionals have the Chrysler-specific equipment, training and experience required to accurately diagnose then efficiently repair your Challenger.

Our master technicians combine decades of hands-on mechanical expertise with the latest factory-level diagnostics software and tools. No one understands the intricacies of fuel, cooling, electrical, drivetrain, and emissions systems better than our team.

We know how frustrating these common issues can be, especially when your prized Challenger sits unusable for weeks waiting on dealer backorders. That’s why we stock the most commonly needed parts like alternators, water pumps, sensors, and hard-to-find components right on our shelves. Our supply chain partnerships also allow quick access to any other Mopar OEM parts to minimize downtime.

Don’t let any issue sideline your prized muscle machine – our experts will diagnose the root cause and get you reliably back on the road. Contact us today to protect your investment and unlock the true potential of your Challenger!