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Below are some common problems people experience with their engines. Our auto repair shop can fix all these issues.

Rough Idling

Does your engine rev unpredictably at stops and shake the entire car? Rough idling signals potentially serious issues. Here’s what typically causes rough idles and how we smooth them:

– Dirty air filter – Many don’t realize a gradually clogging air filter eventually hinders air intake enough to disrupt idling. We inspect filters at every visit and use hospital-grade disinfectant to deep clean filters instead of just replacing them. This optimization makes your filter like new again for free!

– Oil contamination – Over time, fuel leaks into oil, creating a thick, black tar-like substance. This can gum up pistons, rings, and bearings leading to unstable idling. Our techs use chemical flushing solutions to dissolve contaminants and restore your oil’s friction-reducing properties.

– Early stage vacuum leaks – Tiny air leaks confuse sensors and upset idle speeds before triggering engine lights. We use smoke machines that detect tiny leaks long before they cause bigger issues. We’ll find and fix any tiny vacuum leaks and save you money.

– Spark plug gaps – We’ve found problematic rough idles are sometimes solved simply by adjusting the gaps on new spark plugs. Even new plugs can come with gaps slightly off ideal specifications. Our veteran technicians know this trick that less experienced shops might miss.

Our comprehensive process scrutinizes every component influencing idle, even testing things like plug gaps, so we can deliver smooth, steady idle repair the first time.

Loss of Power

Lacking power for acceleration and hill climbing makes driving unpleasant and dangerous. Some common causes we see and address include:

– Loose belts – While inspecting belts is standard procedure, did you know belts often develop small hidden cracks deep in the ribbing? We use hi-mag cameras to find these cracks and proactively replace belts before breakage and power loss occur.

– Inefficient fuel pumps – Over years of use, electric fuel pumps lose capacity. Symptoms get dismissed as normal aging. But we test flow capacity and only replace pumps when they drop below OEM efficiency standards, saving you money on premature replacements.

– Weak ignition coils – Coils gradually lose strength and open circuits as they deteriorate. We use graphing diagnostic equipment that displays coils operating well below peak voltage. This detection allows us to replace fading ignition coils before you lose power.

– Contaminated intake valves – Carbon buildup on intake valves inhibits air intake leading to power loss. Many shops try power blasting or toxic chemicals to remove deposits. Our non-abrasive, environmentally safe ultrasonic cleaning bathes valves in soothing waves of energy that naturally disintegrate carbon without harming your engine.

Don’t settle for lackluster performance. Our preventative approach catches power drainers in early stages for prompt power restoration.