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At our auto repair shop, we don’t just fix cars—we rescue them. As your local repair experts for over 20 years, we understand how an under-performing engine can undermine your driving experience and independence. We know breakdowns cause frustration, inconvenience, and safety concerns. That’s why our mission is to get to the root of your engine troubles quickly and efficiently, using our unparalleled diagnostic skills and proven repair methods.

Our master technicians have seen every common engine problem and then some. We combine this wealth of experience with the latest precision computer diagnostics and high-quality parts to deliver reliable repairs you can count on. Our solutions don’t just patch symptoms temporarily; they resolve the underlying causes of problems for good.

We also take car trouble personally. Our techs are not just mechanics but driving enthusiasts who treat every customer’s car with the care they would their own. We won’t give up until we’ve revived your engine to peak smoothness, power, and efficiency.

Are you tired of mechanics who seem confused by your engine issues and throw parts at problems blindly? Our methodical troubleshooting approach and transparency takes the guesswork and anxiety out of auto repair. We use tools like computerized engine scopes, hydraulic valve lifters, leak detection dyes, and cylinder leakage testers to get facts, not theories.

Combining human expertise and technology gives us an information edge to make the right repairs the first time. We document our process with photos and videos and explain what we find and recommend in simple terms. Our customers appreciate understanding exactly what’s going on under their hoods.

Our passion for cars goes beyond repair. We also offer money-saving preventative maintenance services designed to catch problems early and maximize engine longevity. Let us worry about engine health so you can focus simply on the pleasure of driving.

Do you have nagging engine trouble that is ruining the thrill of hitting the open road? As your neighborhood engine rescue experts, we have the wisdom, tools, and determination to accurately diagnose your issues and implement lasting repairs. Now let’s dig in to some of the most common engine problems and how we fix them.

Faltering Starts 

Few things are more frustrating than turning the key and getting zero response from your engine. But don’t panic. There are usually a few culprits behind difficult starts:

– Discharged battery – We’ve found batteries often die prematurely if connections are corroded or loose. Our techs thoroughly clean connections to optimize conductivity and performance. We can test your battery’s charge and install a new high-capacity battery in about 30 minutes if needed.

– Failing alternator – Many alternators gradually stop charging batteries efficiently but go undetected. We hook up your car to diagnostics that can catch deteriorating alternator function before it leaves you stranded. If the alternator is indeed faulty, we’ll replace it promptly.

– Damaged starter – Starters have a life span and eventually wear out. But did you know tapping on them with a wrench while engaging the ignition can temporarily get them moving again? Our techs use tricks like this to confirm starter failure before replacement.

– Clogged fuel filter – Some late model cars don’t even have fuel filters, but debris still collects at the bottom of gas tanks. We use advanced pressure washing equipment to purge sediment from tanks and fuel line components to optimize fuel flow.

Next time you experience no starts, we have the expertise to pinpoint the cause and implement the optimal fix to get you started reliably again.