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BMW designed their 4 series of vehicles for performance and a cloud-like ride. If your vehicle doesn’t quite feel right anymore, there might be a reason. We will dive into the suspension issues that could be present on your BMW 4 Series.

Suspensions on the BMW 4 Series

While most drivers would certainly call the BMW 4 a performance machine with a serious suspension built-in, the suspension can still readily have problems. While the suspension consists mostly of coils, springs, and metal bars connecting your transmission and drivetrain to the axle, the state of the suspension has a huge impact on how well your BMW 4 Series drives. We are talking about a range from super comfortable to uncomfortable and potentially unpredictable and dangerous if you get it too far.

BMW Suspension Problems

BMW drivers tend to push their vehicles a little harder than others. We can’t blame them in the slightest because we do the same thing. The issue with driving a performance vehicle becomes wearing out suspension parts that gradually lead to issues with alignments and finally, replacing or repairing parts.

To be honest, replacing or maintaining parts within a BMW 4 Series suspension has become a common occurrence, simply because BMW drivers want the best performance and notice when they aren’t getting the same drive and handling they are accustomed to.

The issue comes from not getting regular maintenance.

Maintaining your BMW 4 Series Suspension

Just like a doctor, regular checkups and an apple a day can keep you from getting more serious illnesses simply because you are paying attention to your body through the eyes of an expert. A higher-end vehicle like a BMW 4 Series needs the same system. Bring your vehicle to us and we’ll help with regular tuneups and inspections which intend to provide preventative maintenance. Instead of paying a larger amount later because one part of your suspension has a problem that transferred to excess wear and tear on the rest – bring it in and we’ll ensure everything aligns right and looks good.

Regular maintenance often means smaller bills on a more regular basis – and a lack of needing much larger repairs in the long run. Both are good feelings for us and you.

Why us?

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