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The Functions Of The Ford Expedition’s Transmission

Your transmission transmits power between the engine and the differential and selects gears for you appropriate to speed and throttle setting. Your car’s performance depends on the transmission being in the correct gear, slipping when necessary, and locked up when possible for best performance and fuel mileage. Transmission issues can compromise gas mileage and performance.

Ford Expedition Transmission Problems

Shifting delays & Hard Shifts


Hesitation shifting, sticking in one gear or jumping gears during acceleration


Whistling noises

Jerking violently into gear

Losing power

Burning smell

Many of these problems can be attributed to overheated ATF, low transmission fluid levels, or fluid contamination. We have found improper transmission control module calibration to be the culprit in others. These problems will not improve with time and miles; they will get worse. Eventually, your Expedition will not be drivable. We will remedy your Expedition’s transmission woes at an affordable price.

Ford Expedition Service Recommendations

Given its history of problems, your Expedition’s transmission needs routine service and preventative maintenance. At the Ford-approved intervals, we will drain, flush, and fill the transmission with the appropriate ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). If there is a leak, we will replace the perished gasket to maintain the fluid level as it should be. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment will allow us to reset the computer if there is a problem. We will perform any adjustments as needed.

Ford Expedition Transmission Service Cost

Our prices for Ford Expedition transmission repairs and services are very competitive. We can beat the Ford Dealer Service Department prices on any procedure your Expedition needs.

Ways To Head Off Ford Expedition Transmission Issues

  • Avoid Towing with A Ford Expedition 

The additional weight is hard on the transmission. Driving up a hill slowly at full throttle will cause the transmission fluid to overheat, as there is little cooling air through the heat exchanger. Overheated transmission fluid kills the internal parts of your transmission.

  • Have The Transmission Fluid Inspected Frequently

When you bring your Expedition in for an engine oil change, about every six months, we will check your transmission fluid at that time. If the fluid shows signs of burning, we can recommend repairs to head off further problems.

Have An Auxiliary Transmission Cooler Installed

The leading cause of transmission problems is overheated fluid. An auxiliary cooler will help to keep your ATF temperature in the normal range.

Check our website or call us for an appointment to inspect your Ford Expedition transmission or any service you require. Our expert technicians will keep you on the road with confidence in the safety of your SUV.