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We get why someone buys a Corvette. This car dominates your time and discretionary income. We will treat your weekend cruiser as our own and advise you of the best way to go when contemplating repairs or upgrades. 


Alloy Wheel problems are not unusual when their driver frequently collides with curbs. C7 Corvette Z06s and Grand Sports have wheels that often crack or warp so severely that driving the cars wasn’t safe. Light wheels improve the ride quality and handling, but GM missed the mark on these wheels. We can inspect your wheels and let you know if they need replacement.

C7 Z06 owners experience overheating and going into limp mode. GM tried a redesigned hood, supercharger cover, and higher-capacity radiators for cars produced in the 2015-2018 model years. If you have one of these and it is out of warranty, we can modify it.

Non-Z06 automatic transmission Corvettes sometimes develop stiff and jerky shifting. Many GM autos built in the 2015-2019 period with eight-speed automatics developed this problem. The transmission fluid GM specified was at fault. A new torque converter and different transmission fluid solve the roughness and enhance shift quality.

Many Corvette owners put few miles on their cars. It may be hard for you to support using Chevrolet’s preventative maintenance schedule; we will let you know which maintenance needs to be accomplished on time and which you can defer.

Our mechanics have the analytical devices to solve any difficulty your Corvette experiences. We can take care of serious repairs as well as preventative maintenance.

Corvette wear and tear parts fail sooner, as on most exotic cars, due to the part’s construction and their drivers’ aggressive driving style. Components designed to be lighter won’t endure like those made of steel.

Corvettes have many unique needs compared to other Chevrolets. Their high-performance design requires specialized technical knowledge. A late-model Corvette requires a time-consuming procedure to replace the clutch fluid, a straightforward course of action for other cars. A C7 ZO6 has a dry-sump oil-flow system. Changing the oil is a lengthy process. 

Because of the aggressive driving Corvette owners relish, many components wear out faster. Cost-cutting is a terrible policy to use on Corvette parts. You will be replacing it again soon. Quality parts are the only ones we use. We frequently replace C5 and later transmissions. If speed-shifting is your thing, we can discuss aftermarket transmission options that will last for you. Your Corvette needs the same preventative maintenance as other vehicles but needs it more frequently. There are high-performance fluids for your transmission, differential, and engine that may give those structures longer life. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment for a consultation on the unique needs of that extraordinary car in your driveway.