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The Lexus LS460 is celebrated for its luxury and reliability. However, like all vehicles, it encounters its share of problems. At Fremont Foreign Auto, we’re well-versed in these issues and offer professional solutions to keep your LS460 running smoothly.

Engine and Cooling Problems

The Lexus LS460 has encountered several engine and cooling problems. Coolant leaks are common, leading to the engine overheating. These leaks often stem from issues in the cooling system, such as water pump or radiator failures. Valve spring issues are another significant concern. External materials can infiltrate the spring, causing degradation and eventual breakage. This could lead to serious engine damage if not addressed promptly. Additionally, fuel delivery system problems, notably fuel pipe corrosion, have been reported. Corroded fuel pipes can lead to fuel leaks, affecting the engine’s performance and potentially posing a safety hazard.

Fuel Pump Problems

The dual fuel pump system in the LS460, comprising a low-pressure and a high-pressure pump, has its set of challenges. Problems with the low-pressure pump can cause inadequate fuel flow, leading to engine stalling or reduced engine performance. To address this, Lexus and Toyota issued recalls focusing on replacing the low-pressure fuel pump and servicing the fuel lines. LS460 owners need to verify whether their vehicle has been serviced under this recall to ensure the integrity and safety of the fuel system.

Electric Steering Assist System Damage

Particularly in the 2009 and 2010 models, the LS460 experienced issues with its electric steering assist system. Faults in this system could lead to unexpected activation or failure, affecting handling and steering response. This issue was deemed a safety threat, prompting a recall from Toyota. Regular checks and servicing of the steering assist system are recommended to maintain proper vehicle handling and prevent potential steering-related accidents.

Braking System Failures

The LS460 has had its share of braking system issues, including brake actuator failure and rapid wear of brake pads. Actuator failure can lead to noises and malfunctioning of the braking system, while increased pad wear necessitates more frequent replacements. These braking system problems not only affect the driving experience but also pose a significant safety risk if not addressed in a timely manner. Regular brake inspections and timely maintenance are crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of the braking system.

Air Suspension Failure

Air suspension failure in the LS460, usually around 70,000 miles, can compromise ride quality and handling. Replacement of the air suspension components can be expensive. It is advisable for owners, especially of high-mileage vehicles, to regularly check the condition of the air suspension system to anticipate and address potential failures.

Your Lexus LS460, in Capable Hands

If you’re facing any of these common LS460 problems, bring your vehicle to Fremont Foreign Auto. We ensure expert care and maintenance to keep your Lexus running at its best. Contact us today for an appointment.