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Honda auto marker is known for making technologically advanced and safe vehicles, making it one of the most reliable vehicles you can own. Yet, they are sometimes prone to specific mechanical issues.

One is transmission failure especially noted in the 2019-2022 Honda Passports. This fault negates the vehicle’s reliability, but it will be best to be aware of it.

A defective 9- speed automatic transmission has been reported to cause transmission failure in many Honda vehicles.

If you suspect your Honda Passport is showing signs of a failing transmission or its gear is stuck at neutral, then you should visit our auto repair shop in Sunol, CA. We will now discuss signs your vehicle needs transmission repair/replacements.


Early detection of transmission failure can save your life and thousands of dollars in repair costs and avoid damage to your vehicle. We have decided to explain the signs of a bad transmission in your Honda Passport.

  1. Stuck in neutral

One major symptom of failing transmission in Honda passports reported by many drivers is failure to move gear from neutral while driving. It is a hazardous event, as one may be on the highway when the car shift to neutral and decelerates. A significant cause is low or incorrect transmission fluid.

  1. Leaking transmission fluid

Leaking transmission fluid is one of the most accessible signs to identify. You will notice a puddle of red fluid underneath your car when parked for an extended period. It shows a possible leak in the transmission container, and you should visit a specialized Honda mechanic to take a look and fix it.

  1. Dragging clutch

A dragging clutch occurs when the clutch disc is stuck on the flywheel and fails to disengage. It will cause the clutch to drag, and the gear will clash when you attempt to shift the gear. It’s best to visit a professional mechanic to mitigate damages.

  1. Noisy transmission

A noisy transmission tells you that your transmission system is failing. Your vehicle will produce a scratching sound when you shift gear. On a lighter note, the noise you hear from your transmission may signal low transmission oil. In this case, a simple top-up will resolve the issue.

  1. Check engine warning light

The check engine warning light is your vehicle’s way of telling you something is wrong with your car. The warning light alone is insufficient to indicate a transmission problem, but if you notice this warning light and other symptoms, you can be sure you have a bad transmission system.


Are you facing a transmission issue with your Honda Passport? Bring your vehicle to Fremont Foreign Auto repair shop in Sunol, CA. We offer extensive services, including repairs and replacement of the transmission box. Call us at 510-793-6067 to get a quote and book an appointment.