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Coolant leaks are a common problem in the Toyota RAV4 hybrid, especially the popular 2020 models.

Don’t get us wrong, the Toyota RAV4 is a great car, but like all cars, you should be aware of challenges to equip you better to manage these vehicles.

Toyota recently recalled a handful of their vehicles, including the 2019-2020  RAV4 hybrid, which they suspect may be affected by this issue. Over 41,000 vehicles were recalled, which Toyota judged as high risk as lack of coolant will cause the vehicle to overheat and may lead to a fire outbreak.

Subsequently, we will discuss 5 signs you should look for if you suspect your RAV4 hybrid has a coolant leak.

  1. Engine overheating

The coolant function as a heat regulator in your RAV hybrid engine. Low coolant means that the vehicle can no longer regulate its heat and will cause overheating in the vehicle. Overheating is detrimental to the engine and other components. For instance, overheating may melt plastic components in the vehicle engine or, on worse occasions, lead to fire hazards.

  1. Coolant warning light glows

The coolant warning light notifies the driver that the vehicle is running low on coolant and could cause overheating. To clear the warning light, the driver will add more coolants to the car. This solution will not work if the coolant tank is leaking. Don’t hesitate to take your car for inspection and fix it if you notice your coolant leaking after refilling.

  1. Bubbles in radiator

A bubble in your vehicle radiator signifies that the coolant expansion tank and radiator pipe are not properly sealed. The bubble is caused by escaped air into the tank. If the leakage is not sealed correctly, combustion gases can enter the engine. Make sure to visit an auto repair shop to get the radiator or coolant expansion tank sealed adequately.

  1. Sign of coolant under the car

A puddle of coolant around the car is a clear sign of a coolant leak. You may notice the puddle after you have parked your vehicle in one place over the night. Chances are your expansion tank is leaking and needs to be replaced urgently.

  1. Rusty radiator

Chances are, if your radiator leaks, it will leave rusty coloration on the radiator. If you notice this rusty discoloration in your radiator, you mostly have a coolant leak, and you should get your Rav4 to a mechanic for a fix.


If you notice a coolant leak in your Toyota RAV4 hybrid, you must bring it to our mechanic as soon as possible. Driving with a leak can cause overheating, which poses many risks to your vehicle. Do not ignore the problem, as an early fix can save you cost on the repair.

To set an appointment, call Fremont Foreign Auto at 510-793-6067. They’ll give you an exact price quote for everything you need.