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You already know California summer temperatures are no joke. As the thermometer soars, air conditioning becomes more important than ever. Fremont Foreign Auto knows how much of a difference a properly functioning AC system can make, and we want to keep you cool through the summer.

Proper maintenance for your Chevrolet’s AC can lengthen its lifespan and help it function better. Read on for five ways you can help your mechanic extend the life of your Chevrolet AC system.

  1. Check or replace your AC cabin air filter

After a few years, you may notice the air conditioning system in your Chevrolet may not work as well as it used to. In some cases, your problem isn’t the AC at all. A dirty cabin air filter may be behind the trouble. A dirty filter restricts airflow and reduces the efficiency of your AC system. Luckily, this part is extremely inexpensive. If you aren’t up to changing it yourself, give us a call, and we will take care of it.

  1. Clean the windshield cowl and under the hood

At the beginning of every summer, open your hood and clear away any leaves, twigs, and other debris which might block the AC’s airflow. Your Chevrolet’s system takes in fresh air near the windshield wipers, and keeping this area clear will let your system work properly without creating stale-smelling air.

  1. Get your Chevrolet AC recharged

Under normal conditions, you should expect your vehicle’s air conditioning system to lose roughly five percent efficiency yearly. When your refrigerant levels drop too low, your AC system may simply need recharging. You should occasionally run your Chevrolet’s AC during the winter to help reduce the rate of deterioration.

Only certified technicians can manage the refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems. It is a dangerous chemical when improperly handled. Give Fremont Foreign Auto a call, and we will recharge your AC system for you.

  1. Check the AC drainage tube and keep it clean

When your AC system runs, it produces water which will drop out under the vehicle. If you don’t see water draining under your Chevrolet, it may be leaking inside your cabin. Check the AC drainage tube and if it is blocked, either clear the blockage or give us a call to take care of it for you.

  1. Get problems diagnosed by experts

Like any mechanical system, parts will wear down and fail over time. If you’re having trouble with your AC system and can’t track down a solution, trust the experts to find the issue. Make an appointment with Fremont Foreign Auto to have a professional look over your Chevrolet’s AC system. Our technicians will find the problem and make a plan to fix it.


When you need service and repair for your Chevrolet’s AC system in Fremont, CA, reach out to Fremont Foreign Auto to get your AC working properly. We have the tools and experience to address all your automotive maintenance needs. Let us help you keep cool this summer by keeping your AC at peak performance.