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Not having your day? Oil all over the floor is never a good sign. But it can be repaired.

Having oil issues on your vehicle is not always a hopeless case. Fremont Foreign Auto can solve your common Honda Civic auto repair problems with ease.

Oil leaks can cause some of the following on the common Honda Civic auto repair problems and need to be fixed as soon as possible. It might cause coolant leaks, damage to the alternator, contaminate other seals, damage to the electrical system, it can cause engine vacuum leak and cause the engine check light to illuminate, and it can cause disruption in the crankcase pressure. Common areas where these leaks might occur are:

  • VVT Rocker control Solenoid or oil control valve
  • Valve cover gasket leak.
  • PCV hoses and valves.
  • Cam adjuster cover seal.
  • Spark plug wells.

VVT Rocker control Solenoid

Mostly when the leak is at the passenger side leaking down it is a problem with the VVT Rocker control solenoid. This solenoid is situated on a difficult area to work in behind the motor and between the firewall and engine.  With the right tools and the highly trained professionals at Fremont Foreign Auto working with us, this is not a problem anymore.

Valve cover Gasket

The Valve cover is all the way on top of your engine and holds your valves covered from dust and other debris, it also keeps the splattering of the oil at bay when lubricating the valves. If this gasket is worn it could cause an oil leak.

PCV hoses and valves

You might find the check engine light on in your vehicle. PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. The PCV regulates the vacuum pull through the engine crankcase and in turn supply the engine with more gas. If there is a problem with this unit, your vehicle might idle bad, smoke and stutter

Cam adjuster cover seal

Camshaft seals deteriorate over time from wear and tear and can cause unplanned disruption and get you stuck next to the road. Any leak to the system can cause problems. Make sure to get it sorted as soon as possible

Spark plug wells

If the spark plug wells are filled with oil, it means the O-ring that keeps out oil and debris has deteriorated and needs replacement.

Oil leaks sometimes go unnoticed as it leaks so little. Other times you see the oil leaking from everywhere. There are some Common Honda Civic auto repair problems when it comes to oil leaks and the good news is it can be solved. Some days more work than others. At Fremont Foreign Auto we know the problems a simple oil leak can cause if not fixed.