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Honda Accords are some of the most popular cars in California, with both the Ridgeline and the Passport being close behind it. This comes mostly from how simple they are to make, which results in them being cheap to buy, incentivizing people to get them and keep them around for a long while. In short, the budget car of your dreams.

But they are not without issues. All cars ship with issues that tend to only be known aftermarket. It is extremely rare that these are anything serious enough to put you in danger, but they will probably require you to work around them in the best case.

In the worst case, however, you will either need to get them repaired or get the car replaced.

What Kind of Repairs do Honda Accords, Ridgelines, and Passports Need?

Luckily, most of the Honda Accords’, Ridgelines’, and Passports’ known problems are easily managed. We will go over a few of them and how to spot them in case you find yourself in a machine that is not functioning right.

  1. Engine Not Starting
    This problem is the cause, effect, and description of what is going on all rolled into one. It is not a problem that every Honda faces, but more Hondas face it than other cars. It comes down to a problem in the starter, which luckily we have tons of experience addressing.
  2. Check Engine Light Flashing
    When this happens you probably will be (perhaps hopefully) alarmed. The check engine light is pretty serious most times. But the thing is that the check engine light is designed to only flash in emergencies. If it goes right from not being lit up to flashing, something is wrong with the light.

    So it is with many Hondas, which has a known issue with its check engine light going off.

  3. Air Conditioning Blowing Warm Air
    Of all the problems that have affected Honda Accords, this one is the most serious, even though it does not seem like it. The reason is that it comes from the air conditioning losing control of its air compressor. This can result in some serious engine problems.

    You will mostly notice this when the air is not only warm, but warmer than the air outside.

Visit us to Get Your Honda Accord Repaired

These three cars represent the lion’s share of family vehicles in suburban California. High-end maintenance of one’s car might seem like the domain of inner-city muscle cars like the Challenger or the Impala, but it is just as important for your Hondas.

One of the great things about these cars is that while they all fulfill slightly different roles, they are all quite similar on the inside. That means that we can promise you a quick repair job on the cheaper side of things. Call 510-793-6067 to get a quote and an appointment for your repairs.