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Brake pads and rotors are the two components that actually exert force on your car to halt its advance. This means that, depending on how you drive, they will either be under a lot of pressure or a ton of pressure. There is basically no way to spare them from pressure.

Luckily, you do not have to. Your brake pads will be used up eventually. That is just a fact of life. But it is important that you identify when they are getting used up. The brakes of your car do not just determine your safety, but the safety of others on the road.

How to Know Your Brake Pads or Rotors Needs Replacement

To that end, let’s talk about the different ways to spot failing brake pads and brake rotors. They are very closely related, but we will be sure to identify when something applies to one and not the other. Certain conditions can make this distinction important.

  1. Squeaking Coming from Brakes
    Here is the thing you have to remember about brake pads, and cars in general: They are meant to break down in certain ways. That means the noise you hear coming from your brakes will be the worst noise you have ever heard, and it will be loud like that by design.

    This is meant to get your attention. If your brakes are unbearable to listen to, they are breaking.

  2. Vibration When Braking
    When this happens you are feeling the “grip” of the brakes loosen when the axel reaches a certain point in its rotation. This will translate to a shuddering or jolting back and forth when you brake. This is a bad sign, as it means at least part of the brake is on its last legs.
  3. Grinding Sound When Maneuvering
    Normally, the brakes do not support the weight of any motions of the car until they are engaged. A grinding sound when you are turning or braking means that they have come out of alignment, sagged, or lost some part of their mechanics that keeps them from being weighted upon.

    In short, this noise means that the brake pads and rotors are suffering the weight of your turns. This is one of the more worrying signs since it can lead to sudden brake issues.

Visit us to Get Your Brake Pads Repaired

When you need your brakes repaired, it should not wait. It can literally be life or death. Fortunately, no car skimps on the integrity of their brakes. That means that while all brakes wear down after a while, most brakes will wear down very slowly.


That gives you plenty of time to either identify problems yourself or call 510-793-6067 to get a quote and make an appointment to get your brake pads or rotors repaired today. Just be sure not to put it off, or you can end up losing the brakes in the middle of a drive one day.