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We here at Fremont Foreign Auto pride ourselves in not only the different makes and models of cars we repair, but also in the different kinds of repairs we do. Every type of repair, from fixing brake lines to diagnosing computer problems, is its own discipline of car maintenance.

But the most common thing we repair by far is air conditionings within cars. It makes sense—this is California. Summers can get hot. Which is why it is important for us to take stock and go over what we provide for anyone who is seeking out air conditioning repair services.

What do We Provide?

Air conditioning repair is common for two reasons: First, because people need their cars to be cool in the summer. This much is obvious. But the second reason is equally important. A car’s air conditioning interacts closely with its engine due to the air pressure it regulates.

That is why there are so many layers to how we approach AC repair services.

  1. Air Pressure Sensor Repair

This is the AC’s most important part for maintaining a healthy car. Usually, the whole part has to be replaced, but we know a few tricks to fix it without replacing it entirely.

  1. Freon Refills and Repair

This problem is a double whammy: First, we have to make sure your freon stops leaking. We do that by repairing the system that holds and transports the freon. Then, we have to make sure that any freon lost in the leak is replaced. Freon gives the AC its cool air, so it is critical.

  1. Fan Replacement

This is the most common problem that people can spot on their own. It is also one of the easiest and cheapest services we provide. Basically, all it requires is replacing the fans. Or at least, that is the best case scenario. It is just as likely that rotors and electronics need to be replaced.

  1. Frozen Wiring Thawing

When freon leaks, wiring can get frozen due to contact with it. This is unlikely, especially in a climate like California’s, but it is not unheard of. This is another easy fix, as the ice will usually not damage the wiring permanently. And if it does, we can replace it.

Visit us to Get Your AC Repaired

With years and years of experience repairing every kind of problem that can afflict an AC, you can be assured that we can get the job done no matter how strange it might seem.

The thing to remember is that cars can only break down in so many ways. What is mind-boggling to you will be mundane to us, and what might seem like irreparable damage will be an easy fix, if not a quick replacement. Just be sure to catch the problems as early as you can.

Call 510-793-6067 to get a quote and make an appointment to get your AC repaired today.