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Lexus’ are great cars that are luxurious, fun to drive, and safe for the whole family. When you choose to purchase a luxury car brand, however, you need to find the right auto mechanic to perform necessary maintenance and repairs on your car. Luxury brands tend to require more specialized knowledge to repair, and the engines and auto parts tend to be specialized as well. If you’re in the East Bay Area of California and are looking for an auto mechanic for your Lexus, look no further than Fremont Foreign Auto.

Common Problems With Lexus Models

All cars have their strengths and weaknesses, and Lexus is no exception to that. Whether you’re a seasoned Lexus owner or you recently purchased your first model, it can be good to have an understanding of the most common car problems that Lexus owners face.

Issues with the Drivetrain

Newer Lexus models have a drivetrain warranty that can help cover the replacement or repair if any drivetrain issues arrive. That being said, if you run into drivetrain problems outside of the warranty window it can be stressful figuring out where to go to repair these issues. Repairing a drivetrain is a common repair issue for any car with an automatic transmission, and drivetrain issues may be indicated with check engine lights.

Leaking Oil

You may also find that your Lexus tends to leak oil more frequently than some other cars. Repairing an oil leak is very important, so if you notice this issue arise you need to address it immediately. Fremont Foreign Auto is highly skilled at conducting oil pan repairs and we specialize in foreign imports like Lexus. We also perform regular tune-up services that can help prevent costly repairs like this one.

Dashboard Melting

This one can be very shocking, but if you live in a hot climate you might discover that your Lexus dashboard starts melting when parked outside in the Summer. This isn’t a problem with all Lexus models, but rather a very specific issue experienced by some Lexus owners with faulty dashboard parts. The issue was addressed by Lexus and they have offered to cover these replacement costs, so you may want to check that your Lexus dashboard isn’t one of the faulty ones.

Leaking Water

Sometimes there can be some structural issues with Lexus models that cause water to leak inside the passenger cabin during extremely heavy weather. This is obviously a very unwelcome problem, as everyone would prefer if their car kept them dry during rain and snow. Structural problems like this can be difficult to fix, but our team at Fremont Foreign Auto is skilled and ready to tackle any repair issue with your Lexus.

One of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and big issues with your car is to perform regular tune-ups and maintenance. Call Fremont Foreign Auto today to schedule an appointment.