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Hybrid cars are wonderful ways to reduce your impact on the environment and support eco-friendly technology, but if your hybrid car needs repairing it can be tricky to know where to go. Hybrid engines are different than gas engines, and therefore require a different repair approach and knowledgeable repair technicians. In this article we’ll discuss general hybrid auto repair and where to go for the repair of your hybrid Porsche in the Newark, California area.

Common Hybrid Repair Needs

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular, especially in states like California with legislation in place to encourage people to choose hybrid or electric vehicles over gas-powered ones. Their increased popularity has meant a corresponding increase in the number of repair shops that offer hybrid auto repair services, and Fremont Foreign Auto is proud to be among the top rated hybrid auto repair shops in the area. Our specialty with elite cars like Porsche allows us to perform top-tier hybrid repair with skill and efficiency.

As a hybrid owner it’s important to be well-versed on the needs of your car and the most common issues that may need repair. Here are some common hybrid car items that may need repair.

Manufacturer Recalls

As you probably already know, manufacturer recalls happen all the time with all sorts of items, not just cars. These recalls occur when an inspection reveals a potential safety or performance issue with the part in question, and usually you can get a replacement at no cost to you. Given that hybrid and electric car technology is very new in the scope of the existence of cars, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of kinks to work out with the parts and technology. Therefore, manufacturer recalls tend to occur more often for hybrid cars, but these are usually simple fixes.

Catalytic Converter Problems

For some reason, hybrid cars tend to need catalytic converter repair or replacement more often than traditional gas-powered cars. Our qualified and highly skilled technicians are experts at this type of repair, though, and we can solve the problem in no time.

Issues with the Battery

Hybrid batteries and regular car batteries are made differently and have different issues associated with them. Regular maintenance and check-ups for your hybrid battery are important for your safety and your car’s performance. Additionally, there are structural differences between these battery types in addition to functional differences, the main one being that hybrid batteries are considerably heavier than traditional batteries. This extra weight means your engine needs to work overtime to keep the car running, and therefor might get worn out faster.

Oxygen Sensor Failure

Just like a traditional car, your hybrid car has an exhaust and emissions system that contains oxygen sensors. These can fail and need to be replaced, and failing to do so can severely impact the fuel efficiency of your car and your car’s performance.


Hybrid cars are different than traditional cars and therefore require specialized repairs that address these differences. At Fremont Foreign Auto we are highly trained in hybrid repair services and are passionate about helping your car perform at peak efficiency. Schedule an appointment today to see how our qualified team can help you.