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Drive a luxury car like a Lexus for any length of time and chances are the manufacturer’s warranty will cross your mind. What’s covered? What’s not? When does it expire? Well, don’t fret because the folks at Fremont Foreign Auto have the answers!

What Is the Warranty and What Does it Cover?

While Lexus offers pretty good coverage (4 years/50k Basic; 6 years/70k Powertrain), you might wonder what each of those warranties covers.

The Basic Warranty covers almost everything other than normal wear and tear items. In short, this coverage DOES NOT cover components that deteriorate over time, like tires, brake pads, or hoses for instance.

The Powertrain Warranty will handle any internally lubricated component of the engine or transmission. So, if your engine quits, you may find that the replacement is covered by Lexus.

It is always best to consult your owner’s manual should you have any specific questions about what the limitations of the warranty are.

So, what are some of the areas that an owner should be aware of as the warranty expires? Well, read below and we will provide some answers to the most often asked questions.

Basic Lubricants Means More Than Just Oil

When most people think of regular maintenance, they think of things like an oil change, but the truth is that there are plenty of other fluids flowing through the systems of your vehicle. Regular maintenance checks of oil, coolant, brake, steering, and transmission fluids are essential to the health and performance of your Lexus. If your vehicle is past the expiration date on your warranty, then it is a good idea to have these areas inspected.

Electrical Issues Need Regular Checking, too.

Chances are if your Lexus is older than 4 years or has 50k miles or more, you have had to address an electrical issue or two. The battery may have been replaced or you might have had to work on a couple of headlight bulbs. But, once again, there are a ton of electrical circuits, switches, and relays that control almost every area of your vehicle. Most modern cars have an extensive array of computers that can fail as well. Fremont Foreign Auto offers complete diagnostic testing that will check each system on your Lexus individually, and the car can signal to the technician any potential problem areas.

Mechanical Issues that Need to be Inspected

Most everyone thinks of brake pads and rotors as showing signs of wear, but did you realize that other mechanical areas also deteriorate over time? Suspension components, drive trains, exhaust areas, and even your air conditioning unit can suffer from constant use and ultimately fail. An inspection from Fremont Foreign Auto could be the difference between you or your loved one making it home or being stranded on the side of the road.

Normal Wear and Tear Items

Your tires are not the only items that erode. Hoses can harden, belts can loosen, and even brake pads can become so worn that your car will barely stop without squealing. If you hear a whine from your Lexus or a clunking sound from underneath the frame, take it in for an inspection. Don’t wait for a warning light to pop on. By performing regular checks, you can often fix areas quickly and less expensively than waiting for a part to fail and cause catastrophic damage.

So, if you live in Sunol or the surrounding Bay area, Fremont Foreign Auto stands ready to answer any questions you have. Come visit us today!