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You are the proud owner of one of the finest luxury vehicles on the planet – a BMW. The drive is balanced, the handling is nothing short of supreme, and when you apply the gas, the car responds with the kind of pep you crave. You could almost say that every time you turn the key, a smile crosses your face. We get it. BMW makes a quality automobile. One of the biggest questions that any owner of a BMW has is when to get their vehicle properly serviced. Regular checkups and maintenance can keep that smile going for years to come and the folks at Fremont Foreign Auto can help you do just that.

It is important to check the owner’s manual for your particular vehicle so that there is no confusion about what is recommended for your year and model of BMW. Primarily, you should bring your BMW in for service every 5,000 miles or at a minimum of twice a year.

The 5k Maintenance Check

The 5k maintenance check begins with a visual inspection of the vehicle, then checks things like oil level and condition, brake pad wear, fluid levels (coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid), wipers, and rotates the tires. An inspection of the air filters (both engine and cabin) is also important. While this service is primarily just an inspection, the way you drive can contribute to the wear of some of these items and dictate replacement sooner than the factory recommends.

When The Car Reaches 10k Miles

When your BMW reaches 10k miles, it is always a good idea to have the oil and filter changed and the tires rotated again. In addition, most air filters need to be replaced at this time. This service should be repeated every ten thousand miles. The certified technicians at Fremont Foreign Auto will perform a multi-point inspection once again on the vehicle and discuss with you any issues that are found.

30k and 60k Items to be Addressed

As your BMW ages, there are other maintenance items that you need to be aware of. For example, the manufacturer recommends the fuel filter, brake fluid, and transmission fluid (if your car has a manual transmission) be replaced every 30k miles. New brake pads and rotors, a transmission flush, coolant flush, and new spark plugs are recommended at 60k intervals.

Using the Right Part Can Make a Big Difference

As an owner of a BMW, you should always use OEM (original engine manufacturer) parts whenever having your vehicle serviced. These parts are made by the manufacturer and have been specifically designed for the exact vehicle you own. Any cheap or cut-rate part that is used can often result in excessive wear or deterioration, which will mean you might just have to open your wallet for a repair sooner than you need to.

Schedule an appointment to have your BMW serviced at Fremont Foreign Auto so that you can keep smiling every mile you drive. Each of the technicians is certified and can help give you the peace of mind to know that your BMW baby will be maintained the right way, every time.