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Has your Audi vehicle warranty expired? there’s nothing to worry about.

Don’t worry. Bring your car to Fremont Foreign Auto.

When you acquire a brand new Audi, it typically arrives with a limited period warranty that will cover many of the repair issues you face. But once the warranty period expires, you’ll need to find a dependable auto repair shop in your area.

When you do consider seeking professional auto repair services, look out for these common Audi repair issues:

Spark Plug Failure

Starting with the most common problem with Audis, their spark plugs are often subject to failures, which further lead to ignition failure. The simplest solution is to use OE spark plugs instead. This means fixing the issue won’t hit hard on your pockets. Tuning your engine based on the manufacturer’s instructions is yet another cost-effective solution.

Glitches in Electrical Parts

Even though Audi’s electrical components are of high quality, they remain vulnerable to problems and malfunctions. Numerous Audi owners have particularly reported fluctuating lights and malfunctioned tail lamps. The good news is that replacing any of the Audi’s electrical component is easy and the manufacturer offers warranties for them. Until the warranties expire, you won’t have to spend anything from your own pockets. If the warranty period has ended, find a reliable Audi repair shop in your area.

Catalytic Converter Failure

If you are conscious about the environment and don’t wish to contribute to pollution, you don’t want to drive your Audi with a failed catalytic convertor. This is an exhaust emission control device that transforms pollutants and toxic gases in the exhaust gas from your car’s internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants.

Because of clogs or carbon buildup that will solidify and jam the exhaust flow, the device can easily fail. In most cases, getting the catalytic convertor in your Audi replaced won’t work in the long-run. You’ll need to take your Audi to a specialized technician who can diagnose the underlying issue. In general, keeping your engine well-maintained and fine-tuned should help avoid the problem.

Ignition Coil Failure

The ignition coil forms an integral part of your Audi’s ignition system. It produces the engine spark required to ignite the air-fuel mixture of your car’s engine. Typically, a check engine light will notify you of ignition coil failure, but you may also sense the problem with some discrepancies while driving. For instance, when you’re faced with an engine misfire, chances are you’re dealing with a blown ignition coil. Another cause for a malfunctioned ignition coil could be loss of power, but you’ll need to seek local Audi repair services to diagnose the issue accurately.

High-Quality Audi Repair Services in Sunol, CA

If you’re looking for a dependable Audi repair shop in your area, you need not go elsewhere. At Fremont Foreign Auto, we rely on the latest procedures to diagnosing and resolving Audi issues. Our factory-trained professionals are aware of all the possible issues all Audi models can face, including the most common ones discussed above.

For unmatched Audi servicing and repairs, bring in your vehicle at your earliest!