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Do you own a BMW 2, 3, or 4 Series?

Study the most common issues these models are faced with.

Whether you plan to buy a BMW 2, 3, or 4 Series or already own one, take the time to understand the complications associated with them. It will help you detect their repair needs on time and seek necessary repairs without any delay.

Here are some of the most common problems to look out for if you own a BMW 2, 3, or 4 Series:

The Engine Can Stall

Quite a large number of BMW models manufactured from the start of production to April, 30, 2014 such as the BMW Series 2 have been reported to face issues related to the fuel pump, which eventually causes the engine to stall. Before the engine cuts out, you should get an error message display and a warning lamp in the instrument cluster. To avoid the problem, it’s important that you get the fuel pump replaced at the earliest stages of the problem.

Electrical Problems

The battery of the BMW 3 Series happens to be one of the biggest headaches that have been linked to numerous electrical problems to date. The underlying cause is that the positive battery cable connector and the terminal on the fuse box tends to corrode with time. This deprives the vehicle of electrical power, causing it to stall or rendering it inoperable.

In other cases related to electrical issues, the key will refuse to turn in the ignition with the steering lock symbol illuminated on the dashboard. This typically results from computer issues or a defective steering column.

Clogging Up the Diesel Particulate Filter

If you own a diesel 4 Series Convertible with a very low mileage, it comes with a piece of equipment called the diesel particulate filter designed to minimize emissions. Keep in mind that it has not always been given the chance to fully regenerate. If you don’t take your BMW on a longer trip every week or two, it may clog up over time, leading to an outrageously high repair bill.

Leaking EGR Cooler

Leaking EGR coolers apply to several BMW models and have led to some recalls too. For BMW 2 Series, the issue impacts models produced between October,16, 2014 and December, 20, 2017. If you think your car is among the affected ones, contact your local BMW dealer as soon as possible.

Crankshaft Sensor

Some BMWs, particularly 2 Series, built between May, 10, 2018 and June, 7, 2018 are reported to be subject to crankshaft sensor issues. This often causes the engine to go into an emergency reduced power mode, thereby limiting the car’s performance. To confirm whether your BMW is affected by this issue, get in touch with a local BMW dealer. If required, they’ll replace the sensor for you.

Rattle Problems

Many BMW 3 Series have been known for vibration and rattle noises emerging from the car’s engine. While there’s no common source for where these sounds originate from, they usually come from within the engine. Seek professional inspection to determine the source.




Now that you’re aware of the most common BMW issues for Series 2, 3, and 4, it’s time to find the right auto service shop for your vehicle. If you’re located in Newark, CA, Fremont Foreign Auto is the perfect servicing shop for you! Bring your car in for servicing today!