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Are you sure you’re providing your Volkswagen with the servicing it needs?

Seek professional repairs in your area as soon as you detect them.

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen is among the most iconic car manufacturers in the world. It’s the parent company of the most recognized automotive brands out there, including Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, and Bugatti. Today, Volkswagen vehicles are produced in around 100 production facilities in almost 30 countries around the globe.

Like every car, however, Volkswagen vehicles not only require regular maintenance but are also subject to several repair issues. Whether you drive a brand new Volkswagen or an old one, look out for the following three common repair issues:

Bad Steering and Suspension

The suspension and steering situation for Volkswagen vehicles is different. When your car faces a bump, the ball joints that absorb the shock should rotate with the movement of the steering wheel. Based on reports, these parts have been known to break, resulting in both steering and suspension issues. If you sense clicking or clunking sounds when making turns or face difficulty controlling your vehicle, seek professional Volkswagen auto repairs without any delay.

Fluid Leaks

While no car is immune to fluid leakages, the problem is more common with certain Volkswagen models. How often you face the issue depends on whether or not you stick to the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer, including oil change. Even when you ensure regular servicing, oil leaks may occur due to frequent driving in extreme climates, under excessive engine strain, or at low RPMs in stop-and-go traffic.

Apart from oil leaks, Volkswagen are also commonly faced with coolant leaks that can occur in the hoses, bearings, water pump, seals or other points in the system. If these parts are worn out or weak, they’ll eventually result in a dangerous leak. To avoid the issue, take your Volkswagen to an experienced technician for inspection from time to time.

Defective Timing Chain

Although timing chains will fail at some point in time, what’s problematic about it is an early failure. While Volkswagen claims that the timing belts in its vehicles are designed to last around 120,000 miles, some models from the 2000s have been known experience failing timing belts far sooner than that. For some vehicles, they even failed at 20,000 miles. Keeping these reports in mind, it’s important that you stay cautious about these issues.


Now that you have a basic understanding of the most common Volkswagen auto repair issues, stay extra vigilant about them. As soon as you detect any signs of the aforementioned failures, bring your vehicle to Fremont Foreign Auto. With extensive experience, our highly trained Volkswagen technicians understand the vehicles inside out, including the common issues they are faced with, and we will make sure to return you happy and satisfied.

For extraordinary Volkswagen repair or maintenance, get in touch today!