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Not sure of how often your should get your Chevrolets oil changed?

Fremont Foreign Auto has the answers you need.

Fremont Foreign Auto knows what’s best for Chevrolet cars. That is why we have put together some useful guidance on how often your Chevrolet may require an oil change and how to ensure the best performance for your car is maintained.

  1. Oil Change Varies In Terms Of Mileage

If you are struggling to figure out how often your Chevrolet requires an oil change, then there is a principle that you can keep in mind. Luxury cars require an oil change from anywhere between two to three times a year depending on a mix of factors. They can be identified as follows.

  • The ballpark figure for mileage rests at 3,000 miles. If your car has exceeded this mileage, then it’s time for an oil change.
  • If you are prone to making long trips regularly, then it’s best to have your Chevrolet inspected for an oil change after the journey.
  • If you have your Chevrolet parked in your garage for long or have it driven around town after long periods of rest, then frequent oil changes may be required to keep the engine intact.
  1. Trust A Professional Service Provider For An Oil Change

If you are new to the idea of oil changes and don’t know which product would work well for your Chevrolet, then it’s best to trust a professional and renowned auto repair service shop. They have the right knowledge when it comes to oil changes for cars. By adding the right oil and that too in the appropriate quantity and manner, you can expect your car to deliver a smooth ride with minimal disruptions.

  1. Opt For Synthetic Oil

You want to ensure your car gets the best product for producing optimal performance. Synthetic oils work well as they offer better viscosity than conventional blends. Synthetic oils can ensure that your car runs smoothly during the extreme heat in the summers and the harsh winter months as well.

Why Trust Fremont Foreign Auto?

At Fremont Foreign Auto our oil change services rank high. Why is this so? Well, our eye for perfection and love for luxury cars is the driving force behind our hard work and commitment. We use premium quality synthetic oil for our oil change services. This helps keep the engine well lubricated, offers higher mileage, and ensures fuel efficiency. These three elements are the perfect mix for making your Chevrolet speed across the highway!

Get Your Chevrolet Recharged With An Oil Change Today!  

If you wish to have your Chevrolet offer peak performance that is sure to last a while, then get your car’s oil changed at Fremont Foreign Auto today! Delaying an oil change for your Chevrolet can reduce its performance, reliability, and dampen the value of your car, this is definitely not what you want as a Chevrolet owner!

Call us at (510) 460-1929 and schedule an appointment or drop by for quick service. Our staff is ready and available at all times to help bring your vehicle to life. Avail of our 24-hour acceptance rate right away.

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